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Manufacturing Drilling Rigs, Workover Rigs, Mud Pump Systems, Pulling Units, Drill Derricks, Masts, Substructures, and Oilfield Carriers


Oil & Gas Rig Components --- Carriers, Masts, Derricks, Drawworks, Engines, Top Drives


All USA built, strong, factory engineered masts!  Our masts and derricks are a feature of all our oil and gas drilling rigs, work over rigs, and oilfield pulling units.

We manufacture fourteen different types of oil rigs  USING ALL U.S.A. COMPONENTS.

All your equipment will have new components and parts, either built at our factory or high quality third party USA built equipment.

Our oil and gas rigs use a concise engineering process to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction for each custom rig.

Heavy duty 4-axle through 7-axle carriers for all oil and gas rigs, including drilling rigs, workover rigs and pulling units as specified, are manufactured on site with cabs built for maximum driver comfort and ease of use.

Innovative drive design reduces moving parts, and so reduces the weight of the unit.

All oil and gas drilling rig, work over rig, and pulling unit drawworks meet or exceed API recommendations for design criteria and are engineered to meet a minimum 4:1 safety factor.

Strong, factory engineered masts are on every drilling rig, work over rig, and pulling unit.

New Detroit, MTU and Caterpillar engines with Allison transmissions provide full power requirements for each oil service rig.

Top Drives are specified per rig.

Rigorous Quality Control is ISO 9000 and API 4F. All equipment is fully tested as it is built and before it leaves the factory.

Complete multiple operational and service manuals are provided.

Customer staff training is mandatory prior to release of equipment