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New Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs for Sale

We manufacture and sell self-elevating, electric, box on box, and carrier based drilling rigs.  All well drilling rigs are fabricated completely in the USA with all US made components. We fabricate your rigs for desert and artic drilling conditions as specified. Optional mud systems, fishing and handling tools, pump skids, full electronics and lighting, doghouses and any custom requirement can be supplied.

ND1000 Drilling Rigs for sale

1000 HP land drilling rigs for vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells to 15,000 ft.

Available with self-elevating derrick or cantilevered masts.

ND1500 Drilling Rigs for sale

Full package 1500 HP land drilling rigs for deep oil and gas wells to 17,000 ft. Self-elevating or cantilevered masts optional.

ND2000 Drilling Rigs for Sale

Complete package 2000 HP land drilling rigs for deep oil and gas wells to 21,000 ft. SCR or diesel electric are available